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PBS LearningMedia Custom

Infinite opportunities for every classroom.

Why PBS LearningMedia Custom?

PBS LearningMedia’s Custom Solution provides an affordable, subscription-based solution for schools and districts seeking additional content, tools, and analytics to manage local digital media needs.

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State Standards Alignment

In addition to National and Common Core State Standards alignment, the Custom service aligns resources to unique State Standards.

Reporting Analytics and Tools

Measure teacher and student engagement with key performance indicator (KPI)-based reports and dashboards. Data-driven decisions provide stakeholder ROI along with training and professional development-based opportunities for end users.

Content Management System (CMS) & User Management

Upload, share and collaborate around instructional resources. Get anytime, anywhere access with cloud-based storage and web-based interface.

Enhanced Content Library

Get access to an additional 900 hours of premium content from PBS programs covering a wide range of subject areas, including full-length programs from Ken Burns, Nature, NOVA, and PBS KIDS not found anywhere else except the Custom service.


Winner of two CODiE awards, including Best K-12 Solution and EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool Award.

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Bring the magic of PBS LearningMedia’s Custom Solution into your school today!

For more information about PBS LearningMedia Custom, or to find out if your school or district already has access, contact or 1-800-572-6386.

I find PBS LearningMedia Custom to be invaluable. The amount and quality of resources available is amazing. By having them readily available online, they are instantly available at school or home. Wonderful for planning, teaching, remediation, and enrichment.

- Janet Hallstrom, Media Specialist, Florida